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  • To Help Local Businesses Increase Their Revenue

    We have helped hundreds of businesses get their website to the top of google and would like to help you too. SEO is very measurable and you will be investing in a long-term strategy for your business

  • Let Us Take Your Website To Places That It Has Never Been

    When you put a website in front of existing buyers, those same people who are looking for your business every day on search engines, the sky is the limit.

  • FAQ

    How Much Does Search Engine Optimization cost?

    It Depends on a lot of variables.

    Quality VS Quantity

    Our link building is of the highest quality and clients expect to pay a premium for our services. We are a results driven agency where our rankings on page one of google for a particular search term related to your business, are guaranteed. Your business will benefit from our expertise. We walk the walk and talk the talk, actually we let our clients and the results we achieve for them talk on their own!

    Buyer Intent Keywords

    Keyword Research | The Foundation of Great SEO

    Other agencies just focus on ranking the keywords that business owners give them. Now, the business owner knows his industry more than any seo agency out there. However, they might be lacking marketing and SEO knowledge. Generic keywords without any buyer intent will not make any business a lot of money. You would not want people to just come to your site for information and take no action. And this is where our expertise come into play. We do keyword research the smart way and make the best use of your money, the money that you will be investing in us.

    Web Design - Building Trust and Credibility

    How to make your clients trust you | increase conversion

    These days people are very savvy. I still sign up clients to this day who have a messy web design. By messy I mean, not just unresponsive (not mobile friendly) but a website with trust issues. To build trust and credibility on a website, one must expose himself, and his team. Put yourself out there, and be active on social media. Not just that but if you are affiliated with say bbb.org or chamber of commerce, put your membership banner up there on the front page so people can feel more comfortable picking up the phone and calling your business.

    A Digital Marketing Agency

    A full service digital marketing agency

    What is digital marketing? I like to describe digital marketing as the effort of a business to put their product in front of prospective customers. There are a lot of places where you can achieve that other than google. Facebook and instagram are 2 big drivers of digital advertising and game changers in a way. At Curmi Marketing we focus on putting your brand name in front of people who are looking to find solutions that you are providing (selling). As simple as that


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